Troncones - Majahua-Playa Saladita

Here are some of the charitable organizations operating here.

These are all well established and trusted organizations doing fantastic work.

Las Hermanas de Troncones

  • Provide Opportunities for Women and Children through Education.
  • Provide school transportation to students who attend school outside of Troncones
  • Remodel local schools.
  • Provide tablets and laptops for students.
  • Offer bilingual classes to children and women in the community.
  • Sponsor community workshops for the women to learn various skills including sewing and soap-making.
  • Create Mini-Bibliotecas.

Surfers for Strays

  • Surfers for Strays has been helping animals since 2017 when two women, Natalie and Isabel, rescued seven newborn puppies and their abandoned mother. 
  • Surfers for Strays is an all-volunteer non-profit organization that reduces the number of stray animals in Mexico through spay and neuter programs and inspires compassion and awareness for the humane treatment of neglected animals through education, rehabilitation and adoption programs.

Playa Limpia

  • A community funded grass roots program that officially started in 2016. Our program leader, Ernesto Leon Sandoval (AKA Pato), has extensive knowledge in the arenas of recycling, composting and artistic communications and education. Pato’s efforts on the Guerrero coast, and elsewhere in Mexico since 2008 paved the way for us to develop Playa Limpia and we are growing quickly to meet the needs and priorities of our residents; a clean, healthy and sustainable beach community.

Surfers for Schools

  • Hi, my name is Debbie Day, and I live in Playa Saladita with my husband, Jon, & my dog Yoda. I started doing videos of my husband surfing, 10 years ago when we started visiting Playa Saladita. I gradually started doing videos of all surfers. Some surfers wanted to pay for their videos, which I did not want to accept, however we decided to accept donations and use the money to help the local schools.