Where to Shop

Indulge your senses in the vibrant shopping scene of Troncones, Mexico, where a treasure trove of boutique gift shops awaits. Discover an array of thoughtfully curated arts and crafts sourced from all corners of Mexico, each piece reflecting the rich tapestry of the country's culture. Uncover unique finds that capture the essence of Troncones' coastal charm. Beyond these artistic gems, the village's shops offer a diverse array of beach apparel, surfboards, wines and spirits, and essential groceries, ensuring you have all you need for your stay.

Troncones' shopping experience isn't confined to bricks and mortar; it comes alive during the high season. Vendors in trucks laden with fresh produce – vibrant vegetables, succulent fruits, and the catch of the day – traverse the town, bringing their offerings to various points. This vibrant spectacle allows you to embrace the essence of local life while relishing the opportunity to bring farm-fresh flavors and ocean-to-table delights straight to your plate. In Troncones, shopping is more than just a transaction; it's a journey of discovery and a connection to the pulse of this charming coastal community.

The Inn at Manzanillo Bay

Troncones, Mexico

Arte Sanias

Troncones, Mexico
755-108-9440 or 755-140-8264

Ferresur Hardware & Construction

Troncones, Mexico
755-690-2403 / 755 552 6275

Vinos y Licores Troncones

Troncones, Mexico

Fruits & Vegetables Zamora

Troncones, Mexico