What to Do

Surfing, bicycling, kayaking, hiking, fishing, yoga classes, boogie boarding, snorkeling, swimming, paddle boarding or just walking our miles of pristine beaches.

Staying active in Troncones isn’t about finding something to do, it is more about finding time to do it all. We don’t roll up our sidewalks when the sun goes down either. Many restaurants and hotels offer entertainment in the evenings like live music, dancing and other special events. 

Tsunami Surf

Troncones, Mexico

Costa Nativa Tours

Troncones, Mexico

SEEZ Tours

Zihuatanejo, Mexico

(52) 755-102-7632

Julio's Tours

Zihuatanejo, Mexico

Mahi Mahi Fising

Troncones, Mexico

Roberto's Bistro Casitas & Steak House

Troncones, Mexico
WhatsApp: 755-120-5264
Hotel: 755-103-0019